Below is a breakdown of what we have spent year-to-date on our trip abroad even though we have no visited all paces just yet. The expenses cover our transportation and accommodations until December 14th.

Our original budget was around $20,000 per person for all 12 months. Needless to say, we are over that mark. The budget in this sense might be a misnomer and should probably be called a savings target. That number was used to break down how much we tried to save per person to even consider going on the trip and to give us a realistic amount of money to save for each day leading up to the trip.

We spent around 1.5 years saving for this trip by increasing our savings allocation and decreasing our overall spending on non-essential items such as eating out, clothing, subscriptions, etc.

Lizzie and I are not soliciting for money to go on this trip. The information below is made public to help other people thinking of making this sort of trip for themselves. When doing research, we saw that there were only one or two bloggers offering this sort of information so this is our attempt at helping our community with useful information.