Let’s Get Married!

A celebration of Elizabeth Somabut and Clayton Collie

Send us a message on our kudos board!! It’s similar to a wedding guest book where you can add well wishes and post pictures. Please add to our board anytime before 11:30 am (CST) on Saturday, 12/19.

Please join us virtually on Saturday, December 19th at 11 am CST for the livestream of our intimate, family wedding.

Clayton’s aunt, Cindy Culver, will preside over the ceremony. Best Man is Chris Collie, Matron of Honor is Jenny Awe, and flower girls are Cooper & Cameron Collie. 

The ceremony for immediate family only will be followed by Spanish paella and tapas from Sketches of Spain. Commemorative tableware is handmade by Clayton’s good friend, James Olney. And our wedding cake is to be made by our family friend, Marti Brooks.  

We also want to acknowledge those involved in our second (not livestream) ceremony for the extended family. This will include the groom’s cousin, Charlotte Collie as Maid of Honor. Her father and Clayton’s uncle, Charlie Collie, will officiate the ceremony. We’ll then wrap up the festivities with a beautiful meal by Clayton’s aunt Joyce Collie.  

Special thanks to Bob and Casey Somabut for their financial and emotional support over the years and for this special occasion. To Griffin and Suzie Collie for their love, joy, and support throughout our relationship. Thank you to Chris and Jenny and to Joyce and Charlie for hosting our day-long festivities. Thank you Thomas Do for being a great friend to us both and a phenomenal photographer. Thank you to Cindy Culver and Charlie Collie for officiating our wedding ceremonies. We are forever grateful for our families and friends who continue to support us in all our decisions and adventures. 

Our first photo, Halloween 2013
Creating content in Amsterdam, 2019
Riding the trolley in Lisbon, 2019
Scuba diving in Grand Cayman, 2019
Engaged!!! December 2019
Chinatown in Bangkok, 2020


12.19.2020 at 11 am CST


While we understand the long tradition of wedding registries, it is our decision to forgo one for our wedding. If giving a gift is important to you, please consider one of the charities listed below that we are personally connected to.

If you do decide to donate, make sure to list either of our names in the notes section of the donation form so that we can send a thank you card.


Aspire (formerly Lift & the Aberg Center for Literacy) is on a mission to develop confident, capable individuals who value learning programs — from early childhood to adults pursuing careers — as a gateway to a better life. We’re connected to Aspire through Clayton’s aunt Joyce Collie, an influential board member, and his uncle Charlie Collie, an impactful donor. Their passion and involvement over the years showed us how necessary this work is and we’re proud to support Aspire! 


Children’s Craniofacial Association, CCA, is an organization created to empower and give hope to individuals and families affected by facial differences. We were first introduced to this organization by our good friend, Christine Andler, their Director of Development. Her passion for the children and families in their network is truly contagious. We believe in their vision of a world where all people are accepted for who they are, not how they look. We’re thrilled to support CCA! 


Genesis Women’s Shelter was created to provide safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact. This year is particularly difficult for women and children trapped in abusive homes. But Genesis is committed to remind each and every client that she is valued and loved this holiday season. It’s been a blessing to volunteer for and support Genesis Women’s Shelter! 

Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is driven by the mission to restore lives, create jobs, and ignite hope in a once forgotten and neglected neighborhood with some of the most marginalized people. What started out as a garden in a small lot has grown into two fully functioning farms and the Bonton Market; they provide hope and a vision of a better future. We believe in their mission, the benefits of local and organic fresh food, and the people involved in Bonton Farms!


Plates by James Olney

James Olney of Oak Cliff Pottery made 12 custom plates by-hand in his potter’s studio. They are white porcelain with a matte black glaze. We worked together to come up with a design, the color of the glaze, and the inscription on the bottom. Each of our family members will keep their plate to remind them of our special day.

Visit his website or Instagram to get your own handmade pottery.

Tapas by Sketches of Spain

This Bishop Arts District restaurant is fairly new, opening in March of 2020 during the start of the pandemic. Our entire family loves Spanish food so we thought it would be fun to have paella and tapas. The owner, Javier, is from the famous Spanish wine region of Rioja and his chef is from the foodie capital, San Sebastian.

Visit their website for more information.

Cake by Señora Brooks

Muchas gracias por el pastel especial. Disfrutaremos de cada bocado.