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Drinking Beers at the Royal Suva Yacht Club

The last two days I started drinking beers at 10am. Joe and Joave came in from the island so I met them Thursday morning. Joe sent me for “a jug” which directly translates into “1 pitchers worth of crisp, golden lager.” When I questioned their motives for drinking so early their only response was, “Fiji Style.” How could I argue such a profound statement?

The bad part about drinking at 10am was not that we were drinking, but that there were about 30 other people all drinking way before us. Ex-pats and good for nothing Fiji wannabees come to the Royal Suva Yacht Club and drink their day away…everyday! No wonder this country is in a time warp. On my way to the bathroom both days I heard on the radio “Kiss me through the phone”, “Get your shine on”, and that one “Shorty got low low low”. Simply stunning.

Come on Fiji, get with the times!

Sunday I head back to the island with Joave and the Matavura boat. Weather predictions are for 18-20 knots. Should be a white knuckle, wide-eyed, stomach in your throat kind of ride. But I’m ready to go. I’ve been in Suva for almost 2 weeks. Luckily this lengthy trip reminded me why I left the city life behind in the first place. Traffic, noise, people, fast food, TV, trash. Plus, I’m bored out of my mind!

PS. Check out the new Mai Dive website at We went live on Sunday the ??rd. We’re also on Facebook and Youtube. Just search for Mai Dive.

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I recommend you NOT start drinking at 10 am before your white knuckle, stomach in your throat boat ride. I had rum punch before a catamaran sail many years ago and lost it all over the side. Just saying.

Clayt, the new web site is fantastic! I love all the pictures and the history of the family. Great Job. Luv

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