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Exploring Zanzibar on the Swahili Coast

The waning days of February were spent as a political refugee in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania soaking up the sun as well as the molten barley and hops. Politics held center stage in Uganda with the ever controversial presidential elections which came and went without much conflict or change.

Natasha and I left Jinja on February 16th and returned on March 4th. And so for 3 weeks, we visited the beaches of Mombasa and Zanzibar. I rode camels, fed bush babies, swam with dolphins, met new people, learned different languages, and most of all, enjoyed the beauty of the African landscape by land, sea, and air. This was my first big trip around Africa and also one of the first times that I ever planned a trip on the go. Each day was new and exciting then when it was time to move, we dove in head first. The possibilities were endless, a schedule was forbidden, and spontaneity was paramount. Each day we come up with a new place to visit or way to return home. Maybe bus to Dar es Salaam. Maybe train to Kilimanjaro. Maybe boat across Lake Victoria. All ideas and routes were entertained equally.

The highlight of my trip was scuba diving in the Mnemba marine reserve off the coast of Zanzibar. Our first dive held an encounter with 20 dolphins swimming past as well as countless schools of fish and other animals. The experience made me miss my time in Fiji diving on the Astrolabe Reef. Maybe I’ll get back there soon or onto my next adventure to distract my mind.

I bought a soufenier Rhino from Susan, a lady who owned a shop on Zaznibar’s eastern coast.

Kifaro is the Swahili word for rhino.

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