Gap Year in Europe

Inverness: The Hunt for Nessie

Inverness and Northern Scotland have been on my mind since Aunt Joyce traced the Collie’s ancestry a few years ago. She traced our family tree all the way back to the 12, 13, and 1400s using Her and Uncle Charlie have visited this area along with Aberdeen and Edinburgh many times to search for our family and have successfully found a Collie or two in Aberdeen.

Before booking this trip, I had in my mind that Joyce told me to visit Inverness only to find out that it is really Aberdeen that is home to my ancestors. But since we were going so close to the Loch Ness, Lizzie was more than excited to visit this beautiful town. I’m disappointed we didn’t find and interact with any Collie’s but I am excited we took a trip onto the Loch in search of Nessie. Next time we go I’ll be sure to get it right!

Our Favorite Pub

The Castle Tavern is a must-visit. Located right next to the main castle up on the hill perfect for a sunset photo, a pint or two, and dinner. This is what small-town life is all about in the Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness Adventure

Jacobite Cruises took us along the loch and to the ancient castle originally settled by the ancestors of Ulysses S. Grant. Although we didn’t find Nessie on this trip, we did find a small, distant relative in the gift shop. #portraitmode