Fiji Islands Escape

Traveling to Sydney Australia to Complete the PADI Rescue Course

Flying into Sydney on Tuesday, I wanted to jump up and down screaming as loud as possible because I was so excited to be in a big city for the first time in 10 months. But, I refrained in fear of getting choke slammed, hog tied, and arrested as a terrorist. I still yelled a “yee haww!!” in my mind and felt a sense of excitment/unrest/curiosity that only comes from embarking on the complete unknown. I took a minibus to a hostel and as it zig and zagged through downtown, I almost broke my neck looking at all of the different people…mostly trying to find hot girls.

The first day and night were a real eye opener as the crisp cool weather hit me harder than usual. You have to remember that for the last year I have not worn shoes or pants or long sleeve anything. So everyday since I’ve been wearing these pairs of pants, my northface, and shirts that have paint and holes all over them. I can only imagine what the water temp will be like for my scuba diving course on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t worry mom/dad, I will have a thick wet suit.

As for other activities while here, I want to eat a bone in rib eye steak, see the Opera House, go on a booze cruise on a yacht in the harbor, and possibly sky dive.

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Would love to hear about the Opera house as I’ll never get there, too far from San Antonio! Luv

Dont worry Cin. I took plenty of pictures of the opera House and everything else. I just left the camera in Pacific Harbour (no close to Ono Island) so I’ve gotta work on a way to get them to send it here.

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