Fiji Islands Escape

Fishing Expedition Near Solo Lighthouse

Bruce, a guest, Kuki, and myself grabbed young Alex, the small boat, and set off this morning on a ground breaking expedition. Almost earth shattering you could say. But I wouldn’t. It was not merely another day at the office; schmoozing with resort guests, running around without shoes, and sleeping in until 8 am. What made this day great was that I caught, no hunted, NO……..MURDERED! a beautiful Whaloo–Spanish Mackerel to those in Internet Land that are uneducated on Fijian fish nomenclature….

We were trolling on the north side of Ono. Bruce, the avid fisherman, angled with fresh new gear and god knows what else. My line weight was 1000 pounds. Bruce said his was 100. Loser. We both set our lines off the back of the boat while Kuki drove in, naturally, the opposite direction. The Whaloo pulled hard a couple of times, but was an easier reel in than I thought it would be. You can tell I was excited from the photos. The only thing I could think about from the time I caught the fish until the picture was in my hands was, “I want a photo just like the Happy Gilmore intro scenes.” The movie goes through Happy’s life at various jobs all where he puts something between his legs. “I once was a janitor.” “I once was a gas attendant.” “I once was a road construction person.”

Now I have my picture. The caption reads, “I once was a fisherman.”

Ohya, “Is that net regulation size or what!?!?!”

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Clayt, love the look on your face with that fish, you look healthy and strong. I copied it and emailed it to Grandpa, he likes to print them out. I heard he emailed you, you must be very special as he doesn’t email ever. Luv

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