Fiji Islands Escape

Fun New Years Traditions in Fiji

From the stroke of midnight January 1st to the first day of school, January 25th??, it is open season on all people. That’s right, OPEN SEASON, in that you can run around and throw water on whoever you want. Old people, young people, in the middle people all join in on the fun. Kuki even threw a plastic grocery bag full of water on an old lady as she came out of church right after midnight on the 1st. RUTHLESS! The villagers took pity on Chris and myself because they all thought we didn’t bring a change of clothes to the village. We did, but we didn’t tell them that until the next day.

Here are a few pictures of Petero dumping a huge bucket on my head one morning in front of everyone. Then I tackled Kuki into the sea since I was already soaking wet. Good fun!