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The Aftermath of Cyclone Mick

Well, since my inbox isn’t overflowing with new email asking if I am still alive, I thought it be best to post a little something to let you know I am still kicking.

Cyclone Mick skirted the Kadavu group to the north around 10:30 pm Monday night.  Jason and I were walking around  at 8,9,10pm then right at 10:30 it ramped up from 40 knots winds to 80 knot winds.

None of the bungalows or boats were damaged, but reports from the village say that our head cook had her entire house blow away.  Roof, walls, floor, everything!  Not the best way to celebrate Christmas.  Thankfully there are plenty of houses and families to take care of them in the village.  There are also spare building supplies here at the Resort that will find their way to Filo’s new house.

Check out these photos from the afternoon just before the big storm and from the morning after.  I couldn’t get any footage of the actual storm because (1)  it was low tide so the waves were far away from the Resort sea wall and (2) it was pitch black except for the random bursts of lightning and thunder.

The tree pictured below was no match for my endless amount of energy, my chain saw, and my bush knife.  But now I’m tired and sore all over.

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Clayt, WOW, I was worried sick about y’all. Hope y’all at the resort can help the person who lost their house. Pls. check your email for my other message. Luv

Clayton, so glad to hear you are safe and sound. Hopefully you all will help rebuild your friends house. Can’t wait to hear all of your stories whenyou get back to the USA. Merry Christmas my friend, Nancy

Hey Clay!

It’s awesome to catch up with what’s going on with you in Fiji in your blog…so jealous! 🙂 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

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