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My First: A Story of Cyclone Mick

Saturday night there was an official cyclone warning issued for all islands around Fiji. We’ve been watching the satellite and wind patterns for the last few days. So today we spent the morning boarding up the windows on each bungalow and moved the two boats to a mangrove patch that is very sheltered from the elements.

I’m actually excited and hope a see the real deal.  Living in Dallas, I only remember one time when there was a tornado and I went out the front door and could see the sky turn green from the dirt floating around the air.  All we see here is plenty rain which is good for the garden as it has been very very very dry and hot the last few weeks.  This storm should ramp up tonight, Monday night, and then big time Tuesday morning.

Just to clarify the last post, Sean is not able to make it out to Fiji with Chris this go around.  Scheduling with American Airlines apparently requires you to have all signatures from the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as majority vote in the House and Senate before they let you use your frequent flier miles.

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Clayt, WOW, I’m not sure I even know what a cyclone is but now I’ll research it, sounds scary and yet, a little like those guys who go Tornado hunting, sounds exciting! Thanks for your reply to my last posting. 🙂 And just for the record, I renewed my passport….just sayin’ Luv.

I bet a whole lot of people didnt even know there was a cyclone over Fiji.

New passport eh?

So when do you book a plane ticket over here?

I would be one of those people who didn’t know a cyclone was headed your way. Cyclones in Fiji aren’t usually a top story on WFAA News at 10…

I watched your blog everyday… i even told your dad there was a cyclone hitting Figi…. Glad you are o.k. and didn’t get swept off to some other island…. N. Musselman

I’m glad somebody out there thinks of me….ha! I guess tropical storms in the South Pacific don’t make the evening news in Dallas. We will rebuild the house in the same place. There is still a concrete slab floor, but that is it. Plenty of work to do around here.

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