Fiji Islands Escape

Missing My Family and Friends from Home

Chris and Sean are scheduled to come out to Fiji on December 31st so I thought about posting a few pictures to get some laughs.

The other day my mind was wandering around Dallas, around Texas. Thinking about friends and good memories from the last few years. A guest mentioned ‘rock climbing’ and it instantly set my mind off on a deep tangent. It made me think of so many different things all centered around this one group of people from SMU. I only wish that I had photos or blog posts or journal entries of such great times, but it had to take some obscure little thing to bring back those memories. It made me very happy to think about home and re instilled my need for a journal, a camera, and a blog to record my life. Because in the end, this record is for ME, not YOU!

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Clayt, I don’t know who your friend Sean is but I am glad he & Chris are coming to Fiji and I would like to suggest that you seriously think about planning on coming home with them. You can re-group and plan your next adventure. We miss you and want you around in our lives. Luv.

Thanks for making me look good –> NOT! (Borat references?) I was trying to keep a couple of those pictures from being viewed by the public.

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