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Garden Update at the Ngobi House

For all you city dwelling, paper pushers out there, this garden is just about due for a harvest. You don’t need a green thumb to know when to eat a tomato or pick a head of cabbage. Check out the pictures from today and you’ll start to drool all over that $150 Apple wireless keyboard. And a special shout out goes to those “all organic” softies, no pesticides were used to get the mustard lettuce and carrot to grow this well. The lettuce pictured here grew in about 4 weeks from germination to harvest. I’ve been giving plenty of it away to the next door neighbors and they always ask me how to cook it even if I have explained it to them the day before. Bless their hearts…The urban farming is coming along as well with 2 types of parsley, basil, and french beans. Yesterday, I planted 4 strawberry seedlings, but am not sure if I put them right side up or upside down.

Also, there is a NC-17 rating for this post due to the graphic animal on animal pictures. Esha wanted a quick smooch from Lil’ Clay before his imminent death on July 3rd. He’s been feeding in the big grass outside the compound to fatten up for D-Day. If I don’t give him enough food he will get pissed off and try to ram me with his head to show his frustration. To defend myself, I usually go for the roundhouse kick to the head or run just a few inches out of his rope restricted circle of influence and taunt him to exhaustion.

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I hope Lil’ Clay isn’t brain damaged from all those round house kicks to the head. Burn his patch of grass to the ground!

I am counting down the days until Lil’ Clay meets his maker. America!

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