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My New Dew! Island Style Hair Cuts

After days of scratching sand particles out of my scalp, I conceded to shave my head. Jason recommended the number zero, but I opted for the 1 or 2. Who cares? Anyways, I feel lighter on my feet and the flies are happy to have easy access to my blood on the top of my head. Last Saturday, I shaved Jason’s head so I felt it only right to ask for a return favor. Little did I know his family is the last known descendant of Dr. Kevorkian. He was wielding the razor with shameless disregard for my well being. Thrusting and gouging mercilessly until my hair was mutilated. I wore the sexy patch of hair from the first picture for a half a day. The style faded quickly as you can imagine. The circumnavigational scar is growing on me. Maybe on the next round of hair cuts, I can expand on the idea.

Last week, we had 2 brothers from Brazil and a family of 4 from Slovenia. I went out with them for a snorkel a couple of times. Most of my time was consumed by our current repair job–The Boat. A few weeks ago the fiberglass boat flipped over in rough seas so now we are fixing the hole in the hull and putting on a new floor. That might be finished by next Wednesday. In my spare time, I’ve been building the new Mai Dive website in the Joomla! framework. Oh ya, I eat 3 meals a day somewhere in there along with a “tea time” at 10 am every day.

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Hi Clayton!

Smile in your next picture – so we’ll know you aren’t being held hostage!

I’m not a fan of the POW look, so I always sign off your blog by looking at you with nice long hair in the picture on your home page at

So glad you are blogging — I’ve heard more from you in the last two weeks than in the last year on Facebook. Take care of yourself.

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