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Lazy Afternoon: Low Tide With Nothing To Do

This was one of the lowest low tides I have seen here at Mai Dive so I thought it only fitting that I take a picture.

Clayton Collie photo of the beach in Ono Island Fiji
Low Tide at Mai Dive

The last few days, the weather has been off and on. Rainy, windy, sunny, and then this morning it was perfectly calm. Most of the time the weather is bad at high tide and nice at low tide. But today was an exception. The water was completely still at high tide and only a few drizzles of rain were coming down–a totally serene experience. The nice weather continued on into the afternoon at low tide so today has turned out to be one of the nicest days since arriving in Fiji.

A couple from New Zealand left today and Jason’s mother, brother, and brother’s family are all arriving this afternoon for two weeks of mayhem!

Shout out to those who know the song Lazy Afternoon by the Roots.

And for those of you blowing up my comment wall…the hair cut is working out just nicely. Now I just have to shave and all will be right in the Universe.

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Clayt, I would love to be there, high tide, low tide, no tide. Its been over 100 degrees here in San Antonio for 2 months. Luv

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