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Waterfalls and Swimming in the Fijian Jungle

Jason’s family, myself, and Siwa went to a water fall near Kavala Bay. It is just past where we get our weekly supplies from the Suniwasa freight ship. It was fun navigating through thick mangroves only to hike through the jungle for 30 minutes. I had to pause every few minutes to really soak in the fact that I was really there. I was in the damn jungle! Lush green walls of vine and leaves. Breathtaking views of the ocean through clearings.

We came to a pristine waterfall towering over 150 feet. But since it is winter here in paradise, the water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G cold. Naturally wanting to show off, I quickly climbed up to the ledge you see in the picture. Not very high, but it took a 1,2,3 countdown the first time. Jason’s nephew was so cold he started crying right after he jumped in. HA! I could only bear the frigid cold plunge once more before calling it quits.

Clayton Collie jumping into pool under waterfall in Kadavu Island Fiji
Waterfall on Kadavu Island

On a totally separate note, I heard from a good friend after a few weeks on hiatus. I had sent him a few messages here and there since arriving and last night he finally CRACKED! But no, he is right. I am almost too spoiled here to experience the true Fijian lifestyle. Hot shower, internet, electricity 24/7. Don’t get me wrong now; I’m just saying that there is something about getting away and really, I mean really, disconnecting to allow oneself to reflect on what truly matters. To experience how the native people live and work day to day. To feel the way they feel day to day. Wearing the same clothes for weeks on end. Cold showers after working all day in the bush. Eating fish and cabbage soup. That’s what makes you Fiji Strong. “Becoming strong” is actually one of my goals for living in Fiji. Strong for me translates to physical strength as well as mental strength. It seems to me that if, from time to time, you put yourself into uncomfortable situations, it only makes your existence in the world more comfortable in the long run.

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Clayton: What’s the temperature outside? Isn’t it still pretty warm for winter? Have told several friends about your blog so not sure who you will hear from. Dad saw Patrick at the court and is having lunch with him. Went to the Clark’s last night for my book club. Jeanne wants to know how far Singapore is.
Made reservations today to go to Chicago with Cindy Sept. 12 and a cruise with Dad, Grandaddy and Grandmom on Oct. 31.
Went to a Rangers game tonight and took Grandaddy. In the high 80’s; had some rain this week. Love you, Mom

Hey bud! im so glad your having a blast in fiji. That explains why your phone keeps going to voicemail when i call you. Keep the bloggn coming, I like reading how your doing. Ps. can you post some more pics, becaust it looks absolutely beautiful.

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