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PADI Open Water Diving Certification

Lately I’ve been listening to techno music at full volume. Favorite tracks include “Forever”, “Castles in the Sky”, “Saltwater”, and “You’re not Alone”. Naturally they’re comprised of deep house beats, high and low melodies, rising and falling tempos and crescendos I have no idea who made them, but thankfully they exist!

I usually wake up at 7:45am and crank up the tunes at 8am. Doesn’t matter if I’m about to work outside or on the computer, it’s a great way to get the energy going. Anybody who comes into my room to see what is going on probably thinks I’m having a epileptic attack.

Send me more songs if any of you anonymous few know some good ones!

In other news, I’ve completed my PADI Open Water dive course with flying colors. Nothing too complicated; Clear your mask. Breathe underwater. Don’t provoke the wildlife. Since Monday, I have been on 10 dives. Most of the time we do 2 dives in one day with an hour surface interval between each one. Typical sightings include reef sharks, turtles, moray eels, fish, corral, and other people.

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