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Sky Diving in Sydney Australia

After getting all of the Sydney tourist crap out of the way, I had to do two last things before going back to Fiji–scuba dive and skydive.

The scuba dive was a very disappointing yet essential experience.  Until that day, my dive career was solely based in Fiji.  The average visibility in Fiji is 20-30 meters with water temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius.  The wildlife is very diverse and the corals are beautiful.  The dive in Sydney was the complete opposite of Fiji.  Coldwater, 2 meters visibility, rocks, kelp, no corral, hardly any fish (not like I could see a damn thing anyway!). I took two pictures during the dive, not of fish and coral, but of the person I was following just to show how bad the visibility was–nothing worth posting online.

I had a great time at the skydive the next day.  Notable events include lying on my check-in sheet asking if I had gone scuba diving within 24 hours, oops.  And also being hungover as all hell on the way to the dive center.  I got into the shuttle at 7am only to be greeted by “Pretender” by the Foo Fighters being played at FULL VOLUME.  Thanks.  Good thing I scarfed down a few hash browns and a sausage McMuffin halfway through the hour-long trip to Wollongong. I can’t forget to mention that I was dangling out of the door for about 30 seconds just before we jumped.  The caption for all of these photos is “GET SOME.”

You can see how great views are in the photos.  I also got a video for Mom and Dad to watch over and over again of their little baby.

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Pretty amazing ! Looks & sounds like you’ve had a blast.

Can’t wait to see you and hear about your year long adventure….

Safe travels home !


My scuba experience in Kauai sounds like the the same muckwater experience. Was it just too much of a touristy place or not the right time of season?

Clayt, awesome pictures, I think I would like to do that. Take care, when I was in Dallas a few weeks ago, I told Julie and Shelton that you were coming home soon. They wagged. Luv.

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