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My Last Day in Fiji: Sad to Leave, Happy to Go Home

I’m writing this post at 8am on my last day in Fiji. I’ve already said goodbye to Kuki and Siwa as they both left early in the morning.  When I stood on the sea wall, waving goodbye, the hardest part was just saying their names.  I yelled “Mode Kuki” and “Mode Siwa” as they both stood up and waved to me.   I was in tears and still am just thinking about it.  There will be plenty more of those farewells and plenty more tears as I stop by Narikoso and Waisomo.  But I think the hardest will be saying goodbye to Joave when I board the plane to Nadi.

I’ll be happy to get back to Dallas, but it pains me to leave this place that I now call home and to leave these people that I now call family.

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Saying goodbye to Fiji was hard enough after just a week, so having to do it after one year must be tough. Looking forward to grabbing a beer. See you soon!

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