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The Ngobi House in Jinja, Uganda

Without boring you with a long history lesson, the short version is that Jinja is the shell of a once prosperous British colony fueled by Asian and European immigrants. After their expulsion, funds dried up and decay set in leaving the city in its current state. For being the second largest town in Uganda, it boasts a single Main Street offering everything one needs. The real draw for tourism are the high grade rapids of the Nile River flowing north towards Cairo. People from all over the world come to kayak and raft at the source of the Nile.

Residing in the southern most part of Jinja close to the golf course and the majestic Nile River, the Ngobi House was built by a parliamentary member many years ago. Mr. Ngobi’s estate shows its age with overgrown grass and shrubs, dust covered walls and ceilings, and fading paint. But with a little elbow grease, my new house and new room were transformed into a cozy place. Kitchen, garage, and eating area are on the first floor. Our rooms are on the second. And the open air third story looks out over Lake Victoria to the east and the source of the Nile River to the west. Chris, Mallori, Natasha and myself all work on the second floor in a makeshift office while the 13 Ugandan women work in the garage making jewelery to be sold overseas by the UAPO.

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Thanks, Clayton, for good information about her new life in Uganda (for a time). I know you are learning much and I am eager to hear more as you find time to write. Are the Ugandan people friendly? Love, GM

Looks like a real experience. You need to learn some Swahili man. It is a great language to know. What is the reaction of the locals when you tell them your last name? Great time.


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